Center Hill Lake

Who We Are

A local blog focusing on Center Hill Lake in Smithville, Tennessee


Our Mission

To serve visitors and locals alike. We strive to create content that is informative and fun. From local events to insider info, we aim to enhance visitor’s experience at Center Hill Lake.

Our goal is to enhance local tourism and by doing so, drive economic growth & rural development.


How We Do It

We collaborate with local businesses on CHL and the surrounding area by gathering information. We create content that informs guests of local events and resources/amenities available. Everything we do is to enhance local tourism which in turns helps local economy in this rural area.


For Businesses

List your event or business for free. Are you hosting an event? Do you own an AirBNB or any other rental? Do you offer rentals such as boats, jet skis, etc. Are you a restaurant or bar? List your business on the site – for free.

Get in touch via email Provide your details and any media.


Collaborate with Us

Got an event? A cool place you rent out? Get in touch. The CHL team will come to the event, business or place of interest and photograph the event or space. From there, we will share on our blog & social media so guests can see your business or event.

We are always open to collaborating with others as well! Get in touch – we love working with others!

We look forward to bringing you local content
and the latest happenings at Center Hill Lake.