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Center Hill Lake is located in DeKalb County within middle Tennessee. Surrounding cities & towns include Smithville, Cookeville, Nashville, and Lebanon.


If you’re reading this right now saying to yourself: Where is Center Hill Lake? I don’t even know.

Then that, my friend, is one reason number 1. This place is located in DeKalb County within middle Tennessee, just 60 miles east of Nashville.

If you are from middle Tennessee, chances are you may know of Center Hill Lake. If not, you’ve probably never heard of it. Looking for the rundown? Trying to scout it out? You have stumbled across THE article that’s going to tell you everything you need to know.

If you have been looking for that place to move to that’s in Tennessee, low key, near major cities, outside of Nashville and easily accessible, this is the spot.

Allow us to make the case! So let’s cover the basics first. What is Center Hill Lake and where is it?

Located just 60 miles east of Nashville, the lake was originally created in 1948 by a dam constructed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Center Hill Lake is 64 miles long covering an area of 18,220 acres. With roughly 415 miles of shoreline and rolling ridge tops, Center Hill Lake and the surrounding small towns are the state’s absolute best of the best.

Major tributaries of the lake include the Caney Fork and the Falling Water River. Edgar Evins, Burgess Falls and Rock Island State Park contain portions of the lake’s shoreline. Peaceful coves lead to large waterfalls and other falls can be found near the lake.

The lake has several marinas which entail restaurants and bars. Most of the marinas host annual events including huge fireworks shows for July 4th.

So, what makes this area the next town outside of Nashville? Is Center Hill Lake a good place to move to? Why should you move here? Let’s begin.

1. The location is ideal.

Tennesseans know Nashville has become a huge city the past few years. It’s really been a place put on the map by large national events, an influx of people moving to the area, a housing boom and everything else that has played into making this city truly the capital of the state.

Center Hill Lake has become a popular escape for those living in the city as well as those visiting the state or region for the first time. Located between Knoxville and Nashville, Center Hill Lake is easily accessible by I-40 and only an hour from Music City.

This is a great place to not only live if you are commuting but also as an investor looking for an undeveloped area between major cities.

It’s not just all small towns though! Cookeville is the closest largest city.  Most importantly and on a larger scale, this area is only 8 hours away from 80% of the U.S. population.

AND last year, for the second consecutive year, neighboring Cookeville was listed as one of the top 10 fastest growing micropolitan areas in the United States.

2. Affordable housing.

If you take a look at housing prices in Nashville, it’s drastically higher than surrounding counties. In fact, a lot of things are increasing in Nashville. In 2021, a 34% tax increase was approved.

Smithville, Baxter, Silver Point, Rock Island and Lancaster are all towns that border Center Hill Lake. Of those 3, Smithville is the largest and most populated (4793) with an average home value of $197,503. *according to neighborhood scout

Yes, this area is only an hour from Nashville, but the market and average price of homes are drastically different! Stay close to the city without paying the prices.

This area is also mostly undeveloped making it an ideal place for new construction and communities.

burgess falls waterfall boat kayak center hill lake

3. There are several local attractions making it a true paradise.

Like a salesman would say – but that’s not all!

There are actually giant waterfalls you can see on the lake. Both Burgess Falls & Fancher Falls are accessible by water. You can paddle at Rock Island State Park too!

Oh yeah…and there’s actually several more in the area to see! And that’s known waterfalls that aren’t on private property. This place has a ton, and most were privately owned until the past couple of years! Think of all the ones that have yet to be discovered! It’s a rural area!

p.s. a lesser known fact that the locals will tell you – a few of these waterfalls were used as production locations for the Jungle Book movie! Just stick with us, and we will tell you all about this place!

There are also several state parks in the area as well as rental companies who offer kayaks and canoes. It’s a dream land and perfect for kids!

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