How to Care for Your Pets During the July 4th Holiday

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Center Hill Lake and the surrounding area may be one of the most dog-friendly places in Tennessee! Along with the lake, there are so many local waterfalls to explore. It’s like Heaven on Earth for dogs!

Be prepared for this July 4th holiday and make sure your pet is comfortable during all of the fun and fireworks!

5 Safety Tips for Your Pet During the July 4th Holiday



1. Let them hide out in a safe room with their favorite things.

Unless your 4th of July plans involve hanging out with intimate friends with a fenced-in backyard, leaving your pets at home will be less stressful for you and them. Be sure to lock doors and secure windows so there aren’t any escape routes. Lower blinds to block the flashing lights, and turn on some chill music for calming white noise. Give them plenty of exercise earlier in the day.  It will be easier for them to relax when you leave if they’re good and tired.



2. Consider some anti-anxiety measures.

Chewing is a soothing mechanism for dogs so leave them with a safe chew toy, peanut butter-stuffed Kong, or other interactive puzzle toys to help distract and de-stress. Another consideration is a Thundershirt, which is designed to apply gentle, constant pressure to keep noise-sensitive dogs calm. If they need something stronger, talk to your vet about prescribing anti-anxiety medication to sedate them until the morning.



3. Update microchip information if needed. Put on a collar with current ID tag.

Free microchipping clinic at DeKalb Animal Shelter on Wednesday, June 29th and Thursday, June 30th.


4. Keep them away from people’s food and drinks. 

Encourage people not to feed your pet.  Many foods are unhealthy, and some items can be toxic to cats and dogs.

5. If your pet is outside, make sure they have plenty of cold water and shade.

Most dog and cat owners consider their pets to be part of their families, and it’s no fun when we have to exclude them from family events. The 4th of July is a time when pet parents really ought to put their own feelings aside and do what’s best for the safety and health of their dogs and cats though. We hope you (and your pets) enjoy the July 4th holiday!

Be prepared for the holiday!

Free Microchipping at the Shelter

DeKalb Animal Shelter

Address: 186 Transfer Station Road
Smithville, Tennessee

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday: 8:00am – 4:00pm
Saturday: 8:00am – 12:00pm
Sunday: Closed


Along with Center Hill Lake, the Upper Cumberland has countless waterfalls and trails. It was made to explore.

You will probably want a friend to join you.

In addition to the pets pictured in this article, there are also others available for adoption at DeKalb Animal Shelter.

Will you be in town for the 4th of July? Don’t miss the gorgeous July 4th fireworks shows at the marinas!

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