The greater Cookeville area is centrally located to Nashville, Knoxville and Knoxville, Tennessee.

The Upper Cumberland houses some of the best small towns in Tennessee.

Waterfalls, state parks, lakes, affordable housing and the best views of the state.


If you’re not from middle Tennessee, you are probably saying: where is Cookeville, Tennessee?

Located between Nashville and Knoxville along I-40, Cookeville is one of the most affordable places to live in the United States with some of the best places to hang out!

We aren’t just talking great restaurants, shopping…the basics. We are talking about the BEST places to hang out like giant waterfalls, bluffs, three lakes, sprawling state parks and scenic rural back roads! This is the best of Tennessee.

Did we mention it’s only about an hour to Nashville, Knoxville and Chattagnooga?

So why should you move to Cookeville? Should you move to Cookeville? Is it a good place to live?

Well…YES! Now let us try to convince you to make the move.

We have 3 lakes.

Landlocked has never been so good! These lakes are goregous. Center Hill Lake. Dale Hollow Lake. And Cordell Hull Lake. While the towns that house these lakes are rural, the area attracts thousands every summer.

Low key and quiet, each lake offers hidden coves and mostly rolling hilltops. Whether it’s a summer destination or your new homeplace, you’re going to fall in love.

Check out our local guide: Visit Center Hill Lake Website

One in particular worth checking out – Center Hill Lake. This lake entails several marinas and about 415 miles of shoreline. Located about an hour from Nashville, this area is mostly undeveloped. It’s the perfect place for a quiet lake house – without paying an arm and a leg!

Sunset cruises, dinner and drinks at the marina, bluffs to jump from, hidden coves, state parks that border the lake….it will be hard to leave if you’re here.

More than a lake though! There’s actually three waterfalls you can access by water. These are mini waterfalls though – Burgess Falls is 136′ high!

More about Burgess Falls

Fancher Falls is another waterfall on the lake you can get to by boat, jet ski, kayak or canoe. Check out the Center Hill Lake website above for everything you need to know about Center Hill Lake!

Rock Island also houses Twin Falls, a large waterfall on the lake. Rock Island State Park is the place between two lakes: Center Hill Lake and Great Falls Lake.

cookeville tn center hill lake

Tennessee has 4 distinct seasons.

It can be a little wild & unpredictable too! So many people move to the state for one reason: the four distinct seasons.

Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. The weather is pretty mild here. We have such a range though! Check it out. Here is what you can expect for each season.

homes for sale cookeville tennessee-3
Tennessee Spring (March – May)

Cool, crisp with temperatures ranging from 45 – 65F

The tiem of year we get the most rain resulting in all sorts of plants, flowers and foliage suddenly bursting into full and vivid lushness and color. A great time to hike, explore the various natural areas and garden!

Tennessee Summer (June – August)

Spring always shifts quickly to summer! It does get hot and humid here, but it’s mild compared to other places! Expect temperatures ranging from 75 – 90F Moderate rainfall and warm temps support large gardens! 

center hill lake tennessee
Tennessee Fall (September – November)

Fall can still be pretty warm! Things tend to cool down at night beginning mid-September. By the mid-November, daytime temps sit around in the 50s. The best thing about fall here – the leaves! You really wouldn’t believe how many shades of yellows, oranges, reds and browns you will see! And those lakes and waterfalls…that’s the place to be when the leaves change.

Tennessee Winter (December – February)

Snowfall is always hit or miss! Some years, we have a lot 2 – 3 good snow storms and other years, it doesn’t snow at all. Expect ice though! Temps are pretty low and the trees are bare. You will love your Tennessee cabin or cozy place in the woods during the winter!

waterfalls real estate

This is Burgess Falls (136′ high) in Sparta, Tennessee. One of two waterfalls accessible by water on Center Hill Lake.

We have waterfalls.

Don’t just stop at the lakes though! Those waterfalls we mentioned earlier…there’s actually 10 more in the area to see! And that’s known waterfalls that aren’t on private property…This place has a ton and most were privately owned up until the past couple of years! Think of all the ones that have yet to be discovered! It’s a rural area!

Check out 12 Waterfalls You Need to See in the Upper Cumberland

p.s. a less known fact that the locals will tell you – a few of these waterfalls were used as production locations for the Jungle Book movie! Just stick with me, and I will tell you all about this place!

Affordable housing.

How can it be the cost of living is so low in such an amazing place? We are only an hour away from Nashville! The Upper Cumberland region offers super low property taxes and no state income tax.

Take a look at a few houses in the area, and you’ll see a big difference in pricing. Neighboring Nashville homes are through the roof right now, and there’s no sign of that bubble bursting anytime soon. They just had a 34% tax increase too – ouch!

Come to the Upper Cumberland and you won’t have to pay $350K+ for a tiny 1500 sqft dated home in Williamson or Davidson County. 

Dreaming of a big Tennessee farm? We got it. That close-knit Mayberry neighborhood feeling? Yep got that too. Building lot for your dream home? Definitely. Waterfront property and lake view? You bet. Lake home? For sure. Investment opportunites? Plenty.

tennessee farm

The Best Small Towns in Tennessee.

We feel confident saying it too! We may be rural, but we are not isolated. Cookeville is 8 hours away from 80% of the U.S. population so it’s also a great place for businesses and those who travel.

Yes, this is a rural area. Cookeville is the largest city in the Upper Cumberland with a population of about 35K. Not too large. Not too small. The towns on the outskirts are pretty small though!

It’s a beautiful thing too! This area has seen so much growth in the past five years, and we are growing! With a promising smaller city outside of Nashville and Knoxville, this place will be the next town outside of major cities!

So what does rural mean for you? Close knit communites. A safe place to work and play. A chance to make it your own. Affordable housing and the option to have no neighbors!

AND If you have lived in or around Nashville or any other big city, you know exactly what I’m talking about. There’s nothing worse than sitting in your car for an extra two hours a day just to get to and from work. Talk about a long work day! What’s the point!

While Cookeville may not have huge skyscrapers or hundreds of thousands of people, we don’t have the problems that come with all of that. You’ll be able to get across town in no time with no stress!

tennessee farm

Great schools.

Home to Tennessee Tech University, the greater Cookeville area has some great schools too. Private schools aren’t necessary here – your kids will get a great & safe education at any of the schools! Smaller class sizes too! 

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