Autumn is rolling in. Before long, the temps will drop, and the mornings will be crisp. There will be a noticeable cool to the air and nights will be chilly. It’s another turn of the season in Tennessee. Are you ready?

Be prepared this season with a few cozy home pieces. We have sifted through Etsy, and here are our top 8 lake home finds for this season.

1. A Rustic 42″ Steel Fire Pit

Handmade with steel, this piece is great for this fall! This shop offers several designs and styles to choose from. You provide the wood and good times!

2. Ceramic Dinnerware

They almost look like petrified wood! A rustic set that produces a real culinary celebration. Vital in every kitchen that appreciates food and likes to entertain, and will fit in perfectly with your existing kitchenware and dining sets.

3. A Super Cozy, Heavy Wool Blanket

The shop owner hand weaves these 100% natural sheep wool blankets and throws by following the ancient weaving technology she learned from my grandmother. Let’s be real – wool blankets are hands down the cozy home goods item you can get. Custom orders available.

4. Fluffy Wool Rug

From the same shop! Geometric handwoven floor rug made of natural sheep wool yarn.
Style: Scandinavian / Modern / Rustic / Geometric / Primitive

5. Turtle Shells

Totally random and totally fitting. These turtle shells are the interesting oddity your wall needs this fall. How cool are these!

6. Oversized White Wool Blanket

Who knew wool blankets had health benefits? Did you know? Natural wool improves blood circulation and normalizes blood pressure. Wool is also known for its relaxing and anti-bacterial effect – it relieves tension in the muscles. These 100% natural and organic wool blankets are free of chemical paints too.

7. Deep Blue Dinnerware

Deep blue dinnerware to match the winter water of Center Hill Lake.

8. Wooden Carved Stool

Nice. We love these roughly hand-carved wooden stools. Primitive and the right amount of character for a bachelor pad or lake home. 

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