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Inspiration for a quaint cottage in the hills.

A tale as old as time. Cottage homes have made their appearance throughout time in almost every fairy tale. It’s the set or backdrop for every story book we have ever read.

The Welsh House

Breaking laws of geography, cottages are diverse across the board but have the same soul.

English-style cottages, oceanside cottages, countryside cottages, mountain cottages….each style looks totally different but feels the same.

These are the only homes that are difficult if not impossible to create – rather they are formed over time. Aging like fine wine, cottage homes offer a sort of simplistic dream and a nostalgic comfort.

Tennessee is made of rolling hills so it’s easy to stumble upon the right landscape for a cottage or a path made to lead to one.

Photographer: Amy Spratt

Home of Sharon Santoni

Refined with time, these homes are usually created with stone. Composed of thatched roofs, shingles and quaint nooks and crannies, cottages offer several places to sit and dwell. This is a  simple but also complex structure.

Often adorned with gardens laced with pebble pathways, cottages are just as charming on the outside. It is equal parts indoor and outdoor living.

Natural landscaping perfectly blends with its surrounding and florals fill the air with a wild aroma. It is full circle living.

Tuscan Garden by Bella Terra Garden Design

Kay Genua Designs

The phrase ‘cottage house’ feels way too formal. Cottages are in fact a physical representation of a ‘home’. A space that exudes peace and solitude. With personal oddities as interior decor, it is truly all the comforts of home. These dwellings give meaning to the phrase ‘home is where the heart is’. 

It’s also a place where there are no rules when it comes to color and pattern. Decorating vocabulary is vast. Mixed patterns and colors are free to be and displayed in abundance. These are the most layered spaces found in any style.

Lauren DeLoach Interiors

Ray Booth

Crackling fireplaces are observed from deep sofas and worn, wooden furniture. These homes are highly adaptable – offering cozy warmth in the winter or a new take with fresh-cut garden flowers in the spring.

They seem to effortlessly take on the immediate surroundings and convey them well.

via Europeana and Birmingham Trust Museum

There is one of everything and two of nothing. Artwork is diverse and intricate.

Cottages feel like the safest place on Earth – a slow placed atmosphere with the steady and faint ticking and tocking of a grandfather clock. A relaxed and calming environment where we can rest and dive into a good book or study artwork.

Design Inspiration


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