Burgess Falls Waterfall

Center Hill Lake

Waypoint: 36.045510 / -85.599560

Maybe you have visited Burgess Falls State Park, but did you know you can access the last and largest waterfall by water?

That’s right! You can kayak or boat right to the bottom of the 135′ waterfall in Burgess Falls State Park.

Here are a few things to note about accessing Burgess Falls on Center Hill Lake.

Cane Hollow Boat Ramp.

Pictured: Cane Hollow Boat Ramp to Burgess Falls. This waterfall is easy to find.

It’s very easy to find. You can access the shoreline in different spots.

You can drop your kayak in anywhere along the shoreline. We suggest Cane Hollow Boat Ramp in Sparta.

For the Cane Hollow Boat Ramp access point, use 

‘Cane Hollow Road, Sparta, Tennessee’ or

36.033169798277406, -85.62118594671249 for GPS.

It ends in the water, and there is a parking area. 

You can also drop in at Cookeville Boat Dock and head up the river. This is a longer trip. At the fork, Burgess Falls is to your left and Fancher Falls is to your right.

Water access is available – subject to water levels.

It should be noted – access isn’t always available. The waterway may be very narrow and shallow at times so make sure you take note of the water level before heading to the waterfall!

Join a guide or take a solo trip.

Burgess Falls State Park offers guided tours along with a few other locals in the area. Contact Burgess Falls State Park or find a local guide by doing a quick Google search!

You’ll be sharing the waterway with others.

So no wake! Boaters & jet ski riders should drive slowly and be aware of kayakers. 

You’re entering a natural habitat.

There aren’t man-made paths and trails like the state park above you, but there are places you can easily tie up to or sit a while. And the view – amazing!

You will want to take some snacks if you’re kayaking. Just make sure you take your trash when you leave!

It’s stunning & be sure to take your camera.

Just make sure you bring a plastic sandwich bag or something to prevent your devices from getting wet! Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram! We would love to hear about your trip and share your pictures.

You need the right shoes.

With the mist coming from the waterfall, the rocks are extremely slick. You will also be walking over huge rocks and loose pebbles. Forget the flip flops! You will definitely want some shoes that are meant for navigating the natural scape.


You can climb onto the bottom of the waterfall. Avoid the larger rocks on either side though.

It’s really slick. Stick to the center of the waterfall where you can sit and enjoy the cascading water around you. That’s the best spot anyway.

There can be debris.

Jet skis and boaters be careful! Storms can cause branches and sticks to fall into the water. Nothing kills the vibe more than a messed up piece of equipment.

There’s other waterfalls you can access on the lake.

The more you find out about Center Hill Lake – it’s like the better it gets! 

fancher falls center hill lake tennessee waterfall

Fancher Falls.

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