Center Hill Lake, Tennessee

Baxter, Tennessee

dekalb co. population

baxter population

one of the lake towns near both Center Hill Lake and Cordell Hull Lake, just outside of Cookeville.

in-town living and secluded farmland. high ridge-top views or deep valley farms near Cordell Hull Lake and Center Hill Lake.

cookeville boat dock marina center hill lake tennessee-9

Pictured above: Cookeville Boat Dock

Places of Note:

Cookeville Boat Dock

Window Cliffs State Park
Delmonaco Winery & Vineyards
Twin Lakes Catfish Farm

Baxter is a small town located west of Cookeville. Home to attractions including Center Hill Lake, Cookeville Boat Dock, Window CliffsBelle & Beau Acres, DelMonaco Winery & Vineyards, Twin Lakes Catfish Farm and everything beautiful in the region. Located right off of I-40 and 56, this town is an hour from downtown Nashville, Tennessee.

This small lake town is close to both Center Hill Lake and Cordell Hull Lake. In-town living near the train tracks or on ridgetops dropping into valleys leading to the lake’s edge. This is rural country living by the lakes.

cookeville boat dock center hill lake baxter tennessee

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