Scenic Bee Rock Overlook

Address: 1420 Bee Rock Rd, Monterey, TN 38574

Open every day sunrise to dark. A short, dog-friendly trail.

With three lakes and the plateau, the Upper Cumberland has a ton of stunning lookout points perched on high, rolling ridgetops.

One of those beautiful places – the scenic Bee Rock Overlook! This popular local spot is tucked away in the small town of Monterey, Tennessee and right off of I-40.

This area entails a wide area with multi-layered smooth ledges making it a great place to sit, hang out, read/write, take photos, drink coffee, etc.


Parking is available and provides easy, direct access to the trail. A new gravel parking lot was recently added so the original trail is a lot shorter. 

Hiking Trail

The path leading to the bluff is cleared and easily navigated. Walk the semi-straight and well-worn path to the overlook and be greeted by the bluff’s edge and miles and miles of gorgeous Tennessee hills and valleys. Be sure to watch your step and grab the little ones because there are no ropes or rails.

Any season is a great time to go especially in the fall! With all the beautiful colors in autumn, you’ll be sure to capture a postcard-worthy image of this panoramic view.

Looking for another lookout point? You may be interested in Welch’s Point, a remote lookout point above the Caney Fork River. Within the Virgin Falls State Natural Area.

And there’s also Martha’s Pretty Point.

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