Belle and Beau Acres

Baxter, Tennessee


Off-Grid Camping Experience in Tennessee

Eastern Highland Rim

Rated 2nd Best of Tennessee HipCamp.

Enjoy your next getaway at Belle and Beau Acres where secluded off-grid camping meets convenience. Whether you’re looking for peace, relaxation, or adventure, our spot hits the mark.

If you’re going to go camping, you might as well camp in the thick of lush middle Tennessee! The problem with larger cities: you can’t see the stars at night & it’s noisy. And the thing about this region: it’s secluded and the place to go when you need to get out of dodge. The only noises you will hear around this place are the frogs, the crickets and maybe an old hoot owl or two.

If you are familiar with Tennessee, you know we have four distinct seasons making it an ideal place to camp almost year round! These summer days are long, but they’re getting shorter. It’s hot during the day with the humidity, but in the afternoon, right after the sun goes down, it’s just right. Over the next few weeks, we will watch summer fade to fall. Warm nights will give way to crisp cooler nights, and the autumn leaves will burn bright. So where can you go to enjoy it all?

Check out Belle & Beau Acres, a family ranch that is just too beautiful to not be shared with others. Camping here is a lot of fun, but this place is a lot more than a campsite. When you can’t stand the heat or need to come alive in the morning with cool water, dip into the cold water creeks on the property. During the day, wander throughout the property on weaving hiking trails showcasing the best of Tennessee. And at night, head to the open pastures to star gaze.

You are welcome to camp with:

a tent, vehicle, smaller camper, hammock tent, roof top tent, or pop-up camper

*just make sure you read the descriptions below before making your selection on the map

Each campsite is equipped with only a rock fire pit and grill grate. Pets allowed.

Primitive campsite options and groomed trails will ensure your visit is pleasant and adventurous. Setup camp under the towering tree canopy at any one of our sites.  Access to fresh water fun is a short, but steep down-hill hike away for all guests. Each spot has been strategically selected to provide as much privacy as possible, and comfortably accommodates groups with up to two vehicles.

A short list of what to expect includes:

  • Spacious, shady, leaf-bed campsites
  • 360 degree views of relaxing nature
  • Two lazy rivers for soaking
  • Multiple spring-fed creeks
  • Hidden ledge waterfall (about a 20 foot drop)
  • Rock shelter formation
  • Wide open pastures for star gazing
  • Old forests for ample shade and hammock hanging


Off-grid private camping in Baxter, Tennessee offering beautiful natural surroundings just outside Cookeville, Tennessee. Approximately 1 hour east of Nashville, Tennessee.

Nearby attractions: Center Hill Lake, Edgar Evins State Park, Cookeville Boat Dock, Cummins Falls, Burgess Falls, Hurricane Marina.

Available campsites:

Campsite No.1 Drive Up

A level, spacious site, and our best option for small campers, roof top tents or popups. Very shady and situated in the woods under tall trees. Plenty of space for two extra tents and hammocks. Only a few steps away from a large field for stargazing and our hiking trails.

Campsite No.2 Hike In

Accommodates 1-6 people and only two smaller tents and hammocks. Guests park at the top of the main trail near the picnic area and hike in on a short but steep path (1/10th of a mile). Go downhill for a shared community space and take the private trail to Campsite 2, tucked alongside a babbling, shallow, rock bed river. It is a shady site, perched about 6-8 feet above the water level and does not have a guard rail or fencing, caution is required. Has private stone steps leading to the water.

Campsite No.3 Drive Up

A very spacious campsite, situated closest to the comfort station, in the woods, on the outskirts of a large field. It has a slight slope in the parking portion, but has 2-3 options for level tent sites. It can easily accommodate small campers or roof top tents if guests don’t mind the slope. Guests can sometimes hear the rushing creek below. Easy access to hiking trails from here.

Campsite No.4 Hike In - Currently in development

Accommodates 1-6 people and only two to three tents and hammocks. Guests park at the top of the main trail near the picnic area and hike in on a short but steep path about halfway down, then take a left onto a private, gradually sloping trail. Site 4 is tucked alongside a babbling, shallow, rock bed river and is shady. It is perched about 6-8 feet above the water level and does not have a guard rail or fencing, caution is required. Has private stone steps leading to the water.

Campsite No.5 Drive Up

A tent only site where vehicles must park at the opening. It is farthest away from the comfort station and trails. Situated on the edge of a large field under tall trees, it has extra space for playing yard games and a small clothesline for damp towels. Very shady and spacious, a group can easily fit 3 tents. There is a short private trail to a small spring-fed creek that sometimes runs dry at the end of summer. An overlook of the forest hillside is best observed in spring and fall.

Campsite No.6 Drive Up

Accommodates 1-3 people with one vehicle. A small leaf bed campsite with a down-hill pitch. This campsite only fits one tent comfortably, as it’s more challenging to find a level spot. (See the photo labeled site 6) There is a beautiful old beech tree in the center providing lots of shade, and plenty of spots to hang hammocks or use hammock tents. There is a private trail to a small spring fed stream where you can sit by the water and wet your toes, which sometimes runs dry at the end of summer. From this site, walk out about 200 feet to a large pasture for star gazing.

Community Comfort Station

There is a comfort station with an outdoor shower stall for hanging your own solar shower bag. The comfort station also includes a changing room which doubles as a private place to use your portable camping toilet. The backside has a rain barrel (not potable) collection system.