Are you looking to explore the Caney Fork River? Fishing and kayaking are popular on this river in Tennessee.

There are a few ramps and access points for fishing boats and kayaks. Check it out, and make your plans!

Caney Fork River Ramps & Access Points

  • Long Branch Boat Ramp: 36.09940-85.83104

  • Betty’s Island Ramp: 36.14760, -85.83970

  • Buffalo Valley Boat Ramp: 36.10071, -85.8294

  • Bob Lowery Sr. Boat Ramp: 36.22419-85.94280

  • Gordonsville Access: 36.18504-85.90655

  • Happy Hollow: 36.13150-85.80710

  • Kirby Lane (Paddle Access Point): 36.1467, -85.8632

  • Center Hill Tailwater Fishing Pier (Paddle Access): 36.1034,-85.8358

  • I-40 Welcome Center (Paddle Access): 36.1418,-85.8064

Looking for other waterway launch ramps and access points?

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