Carthage, Tennessee

Known for:

a rural town near Cordell Hull Lake along the Cumberland River

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Places of Note:

Cordell Hull Lake
Caney Fork River
Cumberland River

Carthage is known for large, rural farms. The town is situated amid a series of low hills at the confluence of the Caney Fork with the Cumberland River – just southwest you will find Cordell Hull Lake

cordell hull lake real estate carthage gordonsville tennessee-5

Cool facts: In the 1800s, the Cumberland Turnpike was constructed, an early stagecoach route connecting the Knoxville area in the east with Middle Tennessee.

The road, which was roughly paralleled later by the construction of what is now U.S. 70, was influential to the development and early settlement of the Cumberland region. earliest known European-American settler William Walton operated a ferry across the Cumberland River and a tavern nearby along the road, around which a small community developed.

Carthage’s location at the confluence of the Caney Fork and Cumberland rivers made it an important shipping and steamboat port throughout the first half of the 19th century.

The area was developed for tobacco and hemp crops, as well as blooded livestock. Goods were shipped downstream to Nashville.

Carthage’s prominence as a river port on the Cumberland River was superseded after the railroads replaced river traffic in the later 19th century. The area’s industrial focus shifted to South Carthage and Gordonsville.

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carthage population

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