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at Center Hill Lake

Center Hill Lake houses three state parks. Burgess Falls, Rock Island and Edgar Evins contain portions of the lake’s shoreline.

The more you know about Center Hill Lake, the better it gets.

It’s more than a lake. Center Hill Lake also houses three amazing state parks. Rock Island State Park, Edgar Evins State Park and Burgess Falls State Park contain portions of the lake’s shoreline.

Window Cliffs State Park is also a nearby state park. It’s connected to Burgess Falls State Park but is not connected by trails.

And also note that each state park hosts various events throughout the year: hikes, educational, pontoon cruises, kayak trips, etc. You can book directly by contacting each state park.

Burgess Falls waterfall Center Hill Lake Tennessee

Burgess Falls State Park

4000 Burgess Falls Dr,
Sparta, Tennessee

Burgess Falls 136′ waterfall is accessible by water, but you can also visit the park.

Center Hill Lake has two waterfalls that are accessible by water. One of those waterfalls is at Burgess Falls State Park. This place is worth checking out!

Located on the Falling Water River, this day-use park is noted for its 4 waterfalls that cascade down from 250+ feet in elevation. If you’re hiking in the park, the last of these falls is the largest, plunging 130+ feet into the gorge. 

Not only can you hike the park, but you can also host an event here. It’s also dog and kid friendly. 

burgess falls waterfall center hill lake tennessee-81

Edgar Evins State Park

1630 Edgar Evins State Park Road
Silver Point, TN 38582

Edgar Evins State Park is located on the shores of Center Hill Lake. The 6,000-acre park provides scenic views in addition to cabins and campsites. The park also has a large on-site marina with a restaurant and gift shop.

Edgar Evins also is home to Edgar Evins Marina and The Dam Restaurant. Think about this: it’s been a hot day on the lake. You’re super hungry and the sun is about to set. You cruise into Edgar Evins and eat some catfish on the dock and catch the sunset. Dreamy, right?

You can also explore the state park. Book a stay in the cabins. Host an event on the peninsula. Set up on the shoreline to swim. Launch your boat or kayak. There’s a lot to do here.

The Dam Restaurant at Edgar Evins Marina

Rock Island State Park

82 Beach Road
Rock Island, TN

870 acre park offering waterfalls, hiking, swimming and programs

So last but certainly not least: Rock Island State Park. This state park is the furthest south an is basically in between Center Hill Lake and Great Falls Lake.

A natural sand beach provides access to Center Hill Lake too. The park has eight trails, varying from 0.15-mile to 3.00 miles. Park trails are known for abundant spring wildflower displays, rugged beauty, waterfalls, and wildlife viewing.

This place is historic too! A textile mill operated here in the 1890s. In 1917, a hydroelectric plant and dam were built by the Tennessee Electric Power Company, just downstream from the Caney Fork and Collins Rivers, creating Great Falls Lake. Resembling a castle, it is now a quaint park feature.

Stay for the weekend! Rock Island has 10 cabins, open year-round. Some of which are pet-friendly! You can also camp in an RV or trailer at one of the two campgrounds.

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