Center Hill Lake, Tennessee

Waterfalls + Local Attractions

Burgess Falls, Fancher Falls and Rock Island are accessible by water.

There are also several other waterfalls on the lake and in the surrounding area.

Center Hill Lake is much more than a lake. There are several giant waterfalls on this lake that make this place a true destination. Kayak, canoe, boat or take a jet ski to the bottom of one of the waterfalls!

Looking to hit a few hiking trails? We have several of those too. Browse local hang out spots and make plans to be at the lake!

Burgess Falls

Access by water or visit the park. Find out more.
Fancher falls center hill lake

Fancher Falls

80′ waterfall accessible by water + smaller Mist Falls. Find out more.

Rock Island

Home of Great Falls, a 30-foot horseshoe cascading waterfall, located below the 19th-century cotton textile mill that it powered over 100 years ago. Also home to Twin Falls. Find out more.

Be sure to note: this is subject to water level. At times, you will have to walk to the waterfalls.

There are also several waterfalls in this area around the lake. Most were just recently opened to the public.

Launch your boat or kayak on Center Hill Lake and surrounding waterways.

More Waterfalls + Hiking Trails

in the upper cumberland region

Fancher Falls Waterfall on Center Hill Lake | Tennessee

Fancher Falls Waterfall on Center Hill Lake | Tennessee

Fancher Falls Center Hill Lake, Tennessee Waypoint: 36.000570 / -85.619013 80' Waterfall on Center Hill Lake accessible by water. Great for swimming, paddle boards, kayaking, canoeing and boating Also known as Taylor Creek Falls / 80' high Mist Falls is directly by...

Cane Creek Park | Cookeville, Tennessee

Cane Creek Park | Cookeville, Tennessee

A popular park featuring a 56-acre lake, fishing piers, walking pathways, mountain bike trails, disc golf, concession stand and paddleboat, kayak and canoe rentals.


State Parks

Visit one of three state parks along the shoreline at Center Hill Lake and others in the region.

Center Hill Lake is home to giant waterfalls and three state parks. Found in the rural wild of the Upper Cumberland Region of Tennessee.

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