Center Hill Lake is located primarily in DeKalb County, with Smithville, Tennessee being the center of the county for both residents and business. This area is mostly undeveloped yet convenient to surrounding cities including: Nashville, Murfreesboro and Cookeville, Tennessee.

DeKalb County offers a diverse landscape. Around the lake, expect to find ridgetop homes, bluff views and waterfront property (to an extent – Corps of Engineers actually owns the property lining the shoreline in most areas). Moving away from the lake, the area offers flatter areas, large farms and all things good you expect to find in rural Tennessee.

Recently, the area has become popular with greater Nashville residents. Located only 60 miles from downtown Nashville, Center Hill Lake is a great area to live and commute or own a lake home to escape to after a long work week.

3 Reasons to Move to Center Hill Lake

If you’re looking for a place to call home or property around Center Hill Lake, get in touch! As a local, I can help you navigate this rural area. My goal is help you become familiar with the area – let me know how I can help!

In the meantime, check out some photos I took July 2020 – maybe they’ll convince you to make the move!

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