Are you looking to explore Cordell Hull Lake?

Cordell Hull Lake is a lake within the Cumberland River in north-central Tennessee, about forty miles east of Nashville, in the vicinity of Carthage. Cordell Hull Lake covers approximately 12,000 acres.

 The lake provides a variety of outdoor recreational opportunities for millions of visitors each year.  Because of the temperate climate and relatively long recreation season, visitors have numerous activities from which to choose, including: fishing, hunting, camping, picnicking, boating, hiking, horseback riding and other numerous ways to enjoy nature.  

Surrounding towns include Granville, Baxter, Gainesboro, Carthage, Gordonsville and other rural communities.

There are a few ramps and access points for fishing boats and kayaks. Check it out, and make your plans!

Cordell Hull Lake Ramps

  • Boat Launch Access: Horseshoe Bend River Ramp 1: 36.27948-85.93917
  • Boat Launch Access: Horseshoe Bend Ramp 2: 36.29630-85.94330
  • Boat Launch Access: Horseshoe Bend Ramp 3: 36.29630, -85.94330
  • Boat Launch Access: Ramp below Powerhouse Side: 36.28236, -85.93692
  • Paddle Access 1: 36.2879, -85.9426
  • Paddle Access 2: 36.2897, -85.9408
  • Boat Launch Access: Buffalo Ramp: 36.31060, -85.87510
  • Boat Launch Access: Sullivans Bend Ramp 2: 36.29870, -85.87150
  • Boat Launch Access: Sullivans Bend: 36.29560, -85.86880
  • Boat Launch Access: Indian Creek Campground: 36.24160, -85.79760
  • Boat Launch Access: Martins Creek Boat Ramp: 36.25086, -85.78100
  • Boat Launch Access: Hollemans Bend Boat Ramp: 36.31660, -85.79270
  • Boat Launch Access: Salt Lick Park: 36.32270, -85.78520
  • Boat Launch Access: Smith’s Bend Boat Ramp: 36.32368, -85.78267
  • Boat Launch Access: Wartrace Park: 36.36020, -85.77240
  • Boat Launch Access: Whites Bend Boat Ramp: 36.34990, -85.73466
  • Boat Launch Access: High School Ramp: 36.37990, -85.66570
  • Boat Launch Access: Roaring River Park: 36.37430, -85.64140
  • Boat Launch Access: The Boils: 36.34946, -85.56340
  • Boat Launch Access: Brimstone Creek (Cumberland River / Cordell Hull Lake): 36.47920, -85.60850
  • Boat Launch Access: Butler’s Landing Launch Ramp (Cumberland River / Cordell Hull Lake): 36.48970, -85.56410

You can also visit one of the marinas on Cordell Hull Lake.

Looking for other waterway launch ramps and access points?

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