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Cummins Falls State Park

390 Cummins Falls Ln, Cookeville, TN

A large waterfall at a state park in Cookeville, Tennessee.

If you’re from Cookeville, you have probably heard of Cummins Falls State Park. And if you’re from anywhere else, you have probably heard about it too! This is one of the most popular spot in the Upper Cumberland! So what’s all the buzz about and what can you expect?

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Cummins Falls State Park

It wasn’t always a state park.

Weird, isn’t it? Back in the day, only the locals knew about it. Fast forward to 2011, and it was purchased by the Tennessee Parks and Greenways Foundation. (Ask a few TTU alum and they’ll tell you it was the go to!)

Not just a waterfall!

It’s not just a cool waterfall. It’s actually a 282-acre day-use park located nine miles north of Cookeville. The main parking area, restrooms, trailheads and a designated picnic area are located above the falls. The overlook is nearby and can be accessed by foot.

It’s big.

Cummins Falls is Tennessee’s 8th largest waterfall in volume of water and is 75 feet high. It’s hard to tell how large the waterfall is until you see all the Instagram pictures of people standing on the staircase-like rocks.

Bring your best friend.

Man’s best friend that is! Dogs are welcomed as long as they’re on a leash. You’ll see dogs in the water enjoying it just as much as the other visitors! It’s basically a dog’s paradise.

It’s close to Nashville and Knoxville.

From either, you’re looking at a short one hour drive. Get on I-40, take a couple turns and you’re there! It’s definitely worth the drive too!

You should wear the right stuff.

While Cummins Falls does offer trails, it can be a difficult trip down to the falls. The trails have a wooden fence but not every part offers railing for safety. With people constantly coming in and out, the trails get slick really quick with water! Expect a lengthy, winding trail down. Wear decent clothing (you’ll be bending over and ducking under fall limbs) and definitely wear water shoes or tennis shoes. Also, once you get down to the water, it’s a hike to the waterfall. And by hike, we mean stepping on and around massive rocks.

It can get crowded.

Feel free to check it out on big holiday weekends like Labor Day and Memorial Day, but keep in mind, this place gets packed! 

Bring a camera.

It’s really cool and photo worthy! Just make sure to hold on tight to electronics! It’s a steep drop, and the rocks are slick!

Alcohol isn’t allowed.

Don’t worry about packing a cooler. You won’t be able to take it!

It’s really scenic throughout the year.

Throughout the hike, you’ll enjoy shady trails and Tennessee scenery. It really is beautiful! All seasons too! The colorful leaves in the fall and blooms in the spring make this place a go to.

Thinking of moving to Cookeville?

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