Fancher Falls

Center Hill Lake, Tennessee

Waypoint: 36.000570 / -85.619013

80′ Waterfall on Center Hill Lake accessible by water. Great for swimming, paddle boards, kayaking, canoeing and boating

Also known as Taylor Creek Falls / 80′ high

Mist Falls is directly by this waterfall, a narrow waterfall

Be sure to check water level before.

So how do you get to Fancher Falls on the lake? The best place to launch from is Cookeville Boat Dock. 

The directions are easy:

From Cookeville Boat Dock, go left. The boat slips will be on your left. You will pass all of these.

Turn into the first cove on the right – this will look like a really large fork. Keep paddling as you wind back into the cove, and eventually you will see Fancher Falls. (This is technically Taylor Creek)

fancher falls center hill lake tennessee

Center Hill Lake feels more like urban legend. There are so many cool places to visit – this place feels more like a myth.

Stick with us! We are your 2 lane tour guide – or should we say waterway guide? We are here to put you on. You need to know about all of these local places!

If you are familiar with the lake or follow our pages, you know there are quite a few waterfalls around here. Three large waterfalls are accessible by water: Burgess Falls, Fancher Falls and Rock Island. There are also several smaller ones coming off the ridges around the lake – especially before you get to Fancher Falls.

AND there are also several other waterfalls in the area you need to see.

You making the trip? Tell us about your experience below. Tag us on social too! You’re gonna love this place!

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