Best Plants for Middle Tennessee

Patio and Indoor Plants

Gardening can be a fun hobby when you live in Tennessee. With the distinct seasons, Tennessee allows you to grow various plants throughout the year.

If you’re looking for a few things to plant or some indoor plants, check these out:

how to grow long stem roses in tennessee-4


Long stem roses are actually easy to care for, and they always make a beautiful centerpiece or sweet touch on the nightstand. Other than the beetles in the summer, they tend to be a sturdy plant. Plant in March and don’t wait too late. Give the rose bushes plenty of time to create deep roots so they make it through winter. In November, cut all limbs off – otherwise, it will double in size the next year. Opt for an upright rose bush instead of bushy if you plan to have multiple bushes next to each other. Fertilize in the spring and summer.


Another evergreen that tends to do well year round. Make sure you keep them watered during the summer. If the center gets dried, they have died. There are various types and sizes. Plant a few shorter ones or go with the green giants for ultimate privacy.

Fiddle Leaf Trees

They grow quickly during the summer and the bulky leaves add a lot of color when they’re indoors for the winter. They can look a little run down come February, but they perk up quickly in the early spring months. Do not leave outdoors if the temperature is below 60. They prefer a lot of sunshine and during the hot months, they need a lot of water.


Simply because they are green year round! If you want something that will create a border or hedge, check these out. You can trim to your preference.

River Birch Trees

These do great in wet areas! If you live in the area, you know it’s common to have lower ground that can retain water easily. These are great for those areas!

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