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Flight tours of Center Hill Lake, waterfalls and lessons


Upper Cumberland Regional Airport (KSRB)

Sparta, Tennessee 

Maintenance Facility. Avaiation School. Aerial Tours.
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Center Hill Lake at 3,500 ft

The only thing better than being on Center Hill Lake is being over Center Hill Lake. Have you wondered what this place looks like from a bird’s eye view? Well, now you can find out with Tennessee Flying Machines! Center Hill Lake is a large lake. In fact, the lake is 64 miles long covering an area of 18,220 acres. With roughly 415 miles of shoreline and rolling ridge tops, this place is really something to see!  Tennessee Flying Machines offers aerial tours of the lake, Burgess Falls, and other waterfalls. If you’re really wanting to get the lay of the land, you can also tour Cookeville and Sparta, Tennessee.  This exhilirating experience is perfect for visitors and locals alike. Gain a new perspective! You can even fly in an open cockpit in one of the planes – two of which are actually World War II aircraft!

If you fall in love with being in the sky or want to learn more about aviation, Tennessee Flying Machines also offers lessons!

By the way, your instructor and one of the pilots is Aaron Tippin. Yes, you read that right! Aaron Tippin as in the legendary country music star with major hits including “Kiss This” “There Ain’t Nothin’ Wrong with the Radio” and countless others!

Aaron Tippin & fellow pilot, Sarah Tippin, offer flight training for both beginner and advanced pilots. Tennessee Flying Machines also provide discovery flights – flights intended to familiarize students with the airplane, airport, and the flying environment.

Tennessee Flying Machine flight crew and mechanic. Sarah Tippin, Aaron Tippin, Ted Tippin.
Primary aerobatic instruction in the Super Decathlon for those who already have their pilot’s license!
As a full-service maintenance facility for all types – specializing in antique and warbird aircraft – this is also the place to take your aircraft!
Merchanical Services:
  • All maintenance inspections such as annual inspections, 100 hours, Letter and Phase inspections, etc. on single, twin, and radial engine aircraft
  • Tire & oil changes
  • Small fabrication & painting
  • Fabric work
  • Engine cleaning & work
  • 100 hour inspections
  • Lycoming and Continental horizontally opposed engines
  • Major & minor repairs
  • Pre-purchase inspections
  • AD compliance
  • Engine & Airframe repair
  • GPS updates

Ted Tippin, A&P Mechanic

Impress family, friends or your significant other. This is perfect for an an anniversary gift, engagement (hint, hint fellas!), birthday surprise or any other special occasion.
For the creative people out there, this is also a great place for a photoshoot! Head to the Upper Cumberland Regional Airport and snap a few pictures with these planes! 
Upper Cumberland Regional Airport (KSRB)
Located at: 750 Airport Road, Sparta, Tennessee Book flights or lessons directly by calling Tennessee Flying Machines at : (931) 739-7236

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