Center Hill Lake was recently noted as one of the top 5 fishing destinations in Tennessee. 

By Sarah Tate

“Sometimes you just need to get away, take a morning trip to a watering hole, and try to reel in some fish. The peace and tranquility with that early-morning wait brings about a stillness that is desperately needed in the tumultuous day-to-day life.

From countless lakes to even small ponds in the middle of the countryside, there is no shortage of amazing fishing holes in the state to choose for your next adventure. To help narrow down your search, here are five of the best fishing destinations in Tennessee.

Center Hill Lake

Center Hill Lake, between the hills of the Cumberland Plateau, is a serene fishing spot for anyone looking for a peaceful fishing trip. The most common catch is black bass, but nearby Caney Fork offers a great spot to search for brownies and rainbows during Spring, according to Wilderness Today.”

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