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Chances are, if you live at the lake or recently made the move, you are looking for a slower, laid back lifestyle. Are you dreaming of building a lake home? Gathering ideas and plans for the perfect set up among the hills?

What’s your style? Do you prefer a cozy cabin in the woods or something simple and modern that doesn’t compete with the amazing landscape around you?

Modern homes have their perks. Simple, distinct and clean cut, these homes offer a clean slate backdrop.

Finishes and materials may include marble, slate, concrete, glass, steel and the like. These hardy materials can be sharply contrasted with softer interiors including linen, cotton, canvas, fur, satin, and other similar materials.

Here are our top 10 picks for a modern lake home.

Design Inspiration


1. Unknown. 2. American photographer Julius Shulman – Californian architecture. 3.IG: PrettyBeachHouse. 4. Thailand: artist rirkrit tiravanija, architect aroon puritat. 5. Maison de Verre, a glass-clad Parisian home by Pierre Chareau. 6. Joaquín Velasco Rubio. Photograph by Aryeh Kornfeld. 7. Unknown. 8. Golf Club Krefeld-Egelsberg, Germany Mies van der Rohe, Architect, 1930 Robrecht en Daem Architects, Gent, Belgium, ‘Model’ architects, 2013. 9. julius shulman… raphael soriano, shulman house, los angeles, 1951. 10. Unknown.

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