A Home on the River

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Right on the bank and right on the money.

With three lakes in the Upper Cumberland Region of Tennessee, this area is woven together with different creeks, rivers and waterways that feed into each lake. Maybe it’s these waterways that bind us all.

Cordell Hull Lake is actually within the Cumberland River, which runs 688 miles through Tennessee and Kentucky. Other popular rivers include Caney Fork, Falling Water, Collins River, and others. Floating down the river, on the shoreline fishing or just above some lookout point, it’s easy to imagine some quaint river home.

What do you think it would like? You got your own idea of something down by the river?

Here are a few design concepts you may like…

Credits: Home DGSN, Urban Electtric Co, McAlpine, Poddle Bar & Bistro, Clayton Orszaczky, Shade Degges Photography, Sean Anderson, Summerour Architects, Franco Albini, W Design Collective, Union Square Cafe NYC, Kate Marker Interiors

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